Thursday, November 21   noon Lunch & Learn; Art Loop 6-8pm

View a variety of holiday wreaths; some for sale, others display only.  Lunch & Learn will include soups, breads and dessert with a wreath-making demo by Jenni Van Houtte of Gardenview Farms, Grand Rapids, OH.  Jenni's entertaining and easy-peasy style will inspire everyone to make their own inexpensive holiday wreath from natural materials. Reservations appreciated to

Thursday, Dec 19   11:30am Lunch & Learn 

NATIVITY FESTIVAL  View more than 100 Nativities, surrounded by  decorated themed trees of the season.  The Festival begins with a music multi-media program at 9:30am.  Nativities can be viewed following the program. Lunch will be served at 11:30am by donation.


Thursday Dec 19  12pm - 8pm

Friday Dec 20   12pm - 8pm

Saturday Dec 21  12pm - 4pm


Thursday, January 16  noon Lunch & Learn 

FINNFEST   A celebration of Finnish heritage with photography exhibit by Jason DeBose "They Came 150 Years Ago: a chronicle of the Finnish immigrant movement to America".  Food, crafts, culture, and music will complete the experience.  Lunch & Learn at noon Jan 16. Reservations to

Friday, Feb. 14  7pm

MURDER MYSTERY   PASTA, PINOT & PISTOLS  Can your table solve the crime of who dun it? Wine tasting and dessert bar included.  $20pp  Bring your own beverage.  Reservations to   This popular event fills up quickly!

Thursday, February 20  noon Lunch & Learn

APRON STRINGS: TIES TO THE PAST  An exhibit of aprons, their origin and accompanying stories.

Several crafters will also display/sell aprons for the contemporary kitchen.

Thursday, March 19  noon Lunch & Learn

6-8pm Toledo Art Loop

PIECES & POETRY  several unique, privately-owned art pieces will be displayed accompanied by original poetry written by Honors English students describing their interpretation of the art through poetry.

Sunday, March 22  4pm

BEETHOVEN 250    Honoring the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig von Beethoven, enjoy a concert of instrumental, organ and vocal pieces by one of the world's most beloved composers.

Free-will offering will be taken.  Concert in the St Paul sanctuary, reception in the gallery following.

Thursday, April 16 noon Lunch & Learn

6-8pm Toledo Art Loop


Iron is in the earth’s core and rocky crust. Iron is also in our blood, making it red. Like the fiery surface of the sun, iron glows fiercely in a blacksmith’s hearth.  A display of iron artifacts, its use in community life  and its role during the time of Christ's crucifixion will be discussed.

Thursday, May 16 noon Lunch & Learn

6-8pm Toledo Art Loop


A traveling exhibit of quilted pieces showing eyes facing forward combined with food photography of local students describing how we see food through the eyes of our family, TV celebrity food shows, trending food styling and food as poverty.  A very unique look through the lens of the eye.