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Journey In Their Shoes

This exhibit of shoes and photos tells the moving story of everyday Toledo folks, and their individual journeys. You're invited to see this incredible variety of shoes representing all walks of life from stilettos to work boots to WWII nursing shoes to slippers that walk the NIC unit with preemie babies. Each pair of shoes is part of a personal life story filled with a variety of experiences. By reading the short narratives accompanying each pair of shoes, you will engage in uplifting moments of challenge, and share examples of inner strength, successes, accomplishments, isolation, regret and exuberant joy. These stories will move you and make you laugh in a very memorable gallery exhibit.

Share your story! We would love to borrow a pair of your shoes for the exhibit! Write four sentences that describe where your journey has taken you. Arrange to have your shoes picked up between March 9-12, or drop them off at St Paul's, downtown Toledo between 9am-3pm. We will label and display them, and return immediately after the exhibit. Don't be shy about sharing your story! Contact for more information.

Accompanying the exhibit are black and white photos by James Dickerson. "Five years ago, 35-year old Dickerson, aka dirtykics, was a short story writer looking for inspiration. Seeking curious characters, the Scott High School graduate picked up a camera and began walking local streets to capture details to use in his stories. It wasn’t long before he adjusted his focus.“Everything I work on is a kind of escapism,” says Dickerson. “And photography came out of those character studies. I started paying attention to what was going on all around me.”Making momentsIt doesn’t take very long to notice a theme in Dickerson’s street photography. Featuring portraits of strangers he meets on the streets, his photos are subdued, often in a hazy black and white, capturing a specific and consistent mood. His subjects are vulnerable and open, if only for a brief moment.“I have a very raw way of doing things,” explains Dickerson. “I capture the person in whatever state they’re in, and hopefully the viewer will be able to understand the mood.”" . . taken from an article written by Athena Cocoves, Nov 22, 2017 City Paper



Thursday, March 15 12:15 - 1:15pm Lunch & Learn, Meet Artist James Dickerson; homemade soups, breads & dessert served

Thursday, March 15 5pm - 8pm Gallery open

Friday, March 16 5pm - 8pm Gallery open

Saturday, March 17 11am - 1pm Gallery open


HeART Gallery is located in St. Paul's Lutheran Church

428 N. Erie St. Toledo

Admission is by donation with free parking adjacent to the building. There is handicap parking and elevator access.

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