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Santa Lucia Day is observed on December 13, the shortest, and therefore the “darkest” day of the year. The day is known in Scandinavia as the “Festival of Lights”, and celebrates the legend of Saint Lucy bringing food to persecuted Christians in the 3rd century. Oral legend survives to this day, stating that St. Lucy wore candles in a wreath on her head, to light her way through the catacombs, while keeping her hands free to carry food. The re-enactment of this story has continued in modern times, with freshly baked saffron rolls delivered to household members by the eldest daughter wearing a crown of lighted candles.

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church will honor this tradition with a Santa Lucia Tea on December 7 & 8. The tea will incorporate many authentic elements and recipes, including a grand entrance and singing of the Santa Lucia song while serving traditional Swedish saffron rolls. The Swedish Christmas themed three course tea will include several other Scandinavian cookies and pastries, including a homemade jelly made from a loose leaf blend called “Christmas Tea”.

Reservations can be made through Price is $25 per person in cash or check, payable at the door. The event will be held in the Parlor at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 428 North Erie Street, downtown Toledo. Guests are also invited to visit the Festival of Nativities in HeART Gallery – an exhibit of Nativities and decorated trees from around the world.

Dates are Friday, Dec 7 at 7pm

Saturday, Dec 8 at 11am or 1:30pm

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