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NORMAN FAIRMAN: Grassy Creek Photography

Norman Fairman is an avid photographer with a great passion for a wide range of photo subjects. However, his area of concentration is centered in nature, landscapes, and the creative use of natural light. Since 1970, he has worked with film photography with a focus on both monochrome and color transparency images, and has been mastering digital photography since 2008.

The main goal of his work is to touch the emotions and soul of the viewer! He makes every effort to share a visual experience well beyond just the appreciation of a “nice,” well executed photo. His work is inspired from within his own emotional consciousness shaped by the environments in which he works to create his imagery. He has found that each viewer uses their own unique process of experiential screening to gain understanding and appreciation of his work. Over time, nature, landscape and natural light imagery have emerged as the subject matter that allow him to reach the ultimate photographic goal he is seeking with his body of work.

Norman lives in Perrysburg, Ohio with his lovely wife Jeanette, and enjoys spending time with his three wonderful children and five delightful grandchildren. The exhibit can be viewed thru ZOOM or in small groups at the gallery. Masks required.

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