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Sunday, Aug 28 4pm Monuments Men: Saving Italy's art from Hitler

Imagine Italy with virtually every painting and sculpture in the entire country gone. Nothing was too large or too difficult for the retreating Nazi army to cart off. Work was stored in more than a thousand repositories and eventually nearly all of it in underground caves and mines. As the Third Reich was about to fall in 1945, Adolph Hitler’s decree was discovered. If he couldn’t have it - all of it was to be destroyed - an estimated five million important pieces of art. Learn about the work of a brave group of artist-soldiers, who saved Italy’s artwork - known as the Monument Men.

Our guest speaker is Chris Rilling, affiliated with Lourdes University life-long learning program. He has titled the program "Saving Italy: Michelangelo and Leonardo vs Hitler and Mussolini; The story of the creation of the Monuments Men prograrm and their work in Italy." If you attended Chris’s lecture on the Reconstruction of Notre Dame, you know that you’re in for a visual and informative treat! An Italian dinner buffet will accompany the presentation, with reservations appreciated to Suggested donation is $25pp with BYOB adult beverage.

Arrival • Free Parking

Apertivo, Italian Cheese Board

Seated and Introductions

Tuscan Tomato & Bread Salad

Program I

Shrimp and Linguine Fra Diavolo

Pasta Marinara

Roasted Vegetables

Program II

Epilogue - Journal Give Away

Dessert Trio


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