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Thank you! Mural completed!

Public art defines neighborhoods in the community. Some love it, some do not, but public art creates a dialogue that reflects the values of the people living there. As part of the Adams Street Entertainment and Arts Corridor, we have the unique opportunity to align with our neighborhood in an iconic, vibrant way. This will be the 9th and most recent mural on the 1.5 mile corridor. The design has been approved by the Toledo Arts Commission, the St. Paul’s Arts Committee and registered with the city of Toledo as a public art installation.

Artist Kodi Klocinski has created a design filled with meaning and symbolism that represent the church and its connection with the community.

The context begins with a faceted heart gem in the center of the wall - a focal point for wedding photos and representative

of our logo "the heart in the heart of Toledo." The amethyst cut gem is known as the “Kings Gem” with its royal purple color. Purple has long been associated as a royal color (Christ the King) because purple, at one time, was less common in nature and resources needed to create a dye in this color were rare and costly. The heart is encased by "sacred geometry" shapes

found in the stained glass windows of the sanctuary - symbolically bringing the inside architecture outside, as we are called in mission.

A large swan, looking at the heart, represents grace, purity and love in the Christian tradition. Swans have a history with Toledo (Swan Creek, Swan Metropark, Swan Senior Village). At one time Trumpeter swans were abundant in the marshes and wetlands surrounding Toledo. At the point of near extinction, swans were released in Magee Marsh in 1996 as part of a wildlife restoration program. The huge birds with their distinctive trumpet-like call and ten-foot wingspans have had breeding success in Northwest Ohio, The population continues to grow and they can be found wading through wetlands in

several Toledo locations. The story of the Trumpeter swan follows the life of many downtown Toledo congregations. As flight to the suburbs increased and downtown Toledo struggled almost to extinction, the swan also represents the renaissance and

rebirth taking place in the downtown community and churches, including St. Pauls.

Other symbols in the mural are contemporary variations of Luther's rose - simultaneously representing history and new growth, past and future. Flowers in the design are colorful and bold - a signature statement piece in an area where we hope to invite more visibility.

Through a micro-grant from the NWOS, a sixty foot long "stained-glass" cutting garden has been added to back of the parking

lot with vibrant perennial colors echoing those in the mural. Stop by soon! Parking Lot parties are Sunday, June 13 at 4:00pm and Saturday, July 10 at 7:00pm with classic cars, outdoor picnic food and beverages.

Thank you Kodi Klocinski and all who contributed to the creation of this mural!


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