HeART Gallery is located in historic St. Paul's Lutheran Church in downtown Toledo. The church has a rich 165-year history of innovative worship and outreach that has adapted to meet the changing needs of its congregation and surrounding community.  Many landmark events, including the formation of the American Lutheran Church (1930), took place in its sanctuary which still boasts seating for 600 and one of two German-made Reuter pipe organs in the area. In 1927, a Parish Hall was built that included a large auditorium, gymnasium with showers, commercial-sized kitchen, and beautifully adorned spaces for meetings.  It remains an exquisite example of Gothic architecture in the heart of Toledo. 

Throughout its history, St. Pauls has remained involved and committed to the downtown Toledo community. 

By 1967, much of the Toledo residential population had moved to the suburbs. Numerous times proposals were put before the congregation to follow trends and relocate, but each time, the group was unswayed and held to their decision to remain downtown. The commitment to serve this area has remained steadfast, even as economic changes have impacted the city.

A new ministry has emerged, appropriately named HeART Gallery.  It's first steps of infancy have proven very successful due to the hard-working efforts of the arts committee, staff, and members of the congregation. This new avenue of out-reach intends to engage many people through monthly exhibits, participation in vibrant Toledo Art Loop activities, monthly Lunch & Learn events. Riverside Writers (a creative legacy writing group for seniors), and other art, music and food events planned around the unique interests of those living in the Toledo area. We believe visual art creates discussion for spiritual thought and inspiration for daily life.  We strive to create a community where all can belong, grow, and become better equipped as caring citizens of the world. 

St. Pauls and the HeART Gallery ministry is a vital and unique destination: the heart in the heart of Toledo. It is a place of inclusion regardless of age, gender, income, race, beliefs, or life circumstance - all are welcome. Through collaboration with downtown agencies, businesses, non-profit organizations, and local arts groups, HeART Gallery reaches out and brings people together through the arts. We offer an environment where all people can experience the love of Christ through the gifts of artists, writers and musicians, that our eyes may be open to the deeper love of God and the gifts of the community around us.  Our events are varied: missional, entertaining, reflective, or healing.  Come and experience HeART Gallery!

Kate Philabaum



Stay connected through our VIRTUAL

GALLERY PROJECTS posted throughout May - August.


1 Social Story Telling

2 Woman  In A Chair

3  Nativity Festival Ornaments

4  Tea For Two Carry Out

see descriptions at left 


A unique 3-dimensional quilt show with  5” x 23” juried  

pieces showing only eyes facing forward.  The striking

variety in this interpretation keeps viewers engaged,

pondering the age, race, sex and story behind each.  

The exhibit is open by appointment  only.  

Virtual tours will be offered

SEPTEMBER 17  12pm Lunch & Learn

6-8pm Toledo Art Loop


This exhibit features photos and projects 

completed during the COVIT19 shelter-in-place

months.  How did you spend this quiet time

separated from loved ones?

OCTOBER 15  12pm Lunch & Learn

6-8pm Art Loop reception

ReNEWal: Art of All Abilities

This exhibit is by people who have found artistic

creativity as a way to  transcends their disabilities.

NOVEMBER 19 12pm Lunch & Learn

6-8pm Art Loop 


Nearing Thanksgiving, what gives you peace of

mind? Family, books, gardening?  Thoughts are

expressed through fabric, in this traveling quilt

show en route to the University of Michigan Hospital gallery. 



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