Toledo Flavors . . .       

Rediscover Toledo one bite at a time!   



What to Expect . . .  

 • Sample specialties from four of Uptown’s favorite restaurants.  

 • Admire five massive outdoor murals, including the iconic “Toledo, Loves Love” (photo op!), and learn to identify different styles of graffiti art. 

• Learn about the historical development of the Uptown area through its architecture and historic buildings, and how it has changed with the renaissance of Downtown Toledo.


 • Hear the stories behind the Adam’s Street corridor from ghosts walking the halls of historic buildings to the food and art entrepreneurs who began a movement to create a community garden, a school for the arts, new restaurants, and trendy, unique gift shops.  


All food and beverage tastings are included in the $25 price.  Tasting quantities are considered a lunch-size meal and will be eaten at HeART Gallery. Following lunch and local history introduction, the group will embark on a leisurely walk that celebrates the farm-to-table movement in Toledo, local creatives, neighborhood history, and conversation. The tour lasts 2.5 - 3 hours (rain or shine), beginning and ending at HeART Gallery located in St Pauls Lutheran Church, 428 N.Erie Street, downtown Toledo.  Free parking adjacent to the church.

Contact kate@stpaulstoledo.org for more information/reservations. 

Groups are limited to 12.  Other times and dates can be arranged. 


Wednesday, Oct 12 at 11:30am. FULL

Wednesday, Oct 19 at 11:30 am

Wednesday, Oct 26 at 11:30 am 

We invite you to explore the Adams Street Corridor - with blocks of outdoor art, historical architecture, ghost and gangster stories and new restaurants.  We will sample great local dishes while sharing stories of local history - both the old and the new are uniquely visible on Adams Street.  Visitors and locals alike will enjoy the resurgence of energy, pop-ups, and new venues in the area.