Riverside Writers is a group of seniors who participate in a month creative writing experience.

Topics are chosen by the group,. The writing comes from the heart, assembled as a legacy

collection, to be shared at a later date with family and friends.   This is a relaxed and fun way

to capture and reflect on humorous and poignant memories of the past that will inform and

entertain generations to come.  Writings are shared each month among the group - but not

"graded" or criticized. 


Writing topics might be similar to these:

              Who did you play with as a kid and what did you do

              Describe a family vacation disaster

              Tell us about your wedding

              Who have been some of the most important people in your life

              Looking back, what events still make you smile

Join us in HeART Gallery for an experience that will last generations!

HeART Gallery is located in St. Pauls Lutheran Church  428 Erie Street, Toledo OH.  

Free handicap parking and elevator are available.

Contact kate@stpaulstoledo.org for meeting times.  Typically the 3rd Thursday of each month

at 1:30pm.