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WHAT'S IN YOUR ATTIC? Heirlooms and holiday decor

Attachment to antiques can be powerful. Items passed down through family generations, evoke memories, even when its function or value is unknown. HeART Gallery explores these sentimental attachments with an exhibit on Nov. 15-16 titled “What’s In Your Attic?”. In an informal “Antiques Road-Show style” exhibit, guests are invited to loan their attic treasures, family heirlooms, oddities or favorite flea market finds to the gallery for the weekend. Visitors to the gallery can take a crack at being “an appraiser” and guess the value and function of displayed finds. Answers can be compared to those from an authentic antique expert.

At the show, many antiques will be incorporated into table decor designed by Kate Philabaum. “Tablescapes are a growing trend in entertaining. The holidays are a wonderful time to use and display vintage pieces that tell your family story. Many food traditions are celebrated and shared at this time of year, and tablescapes are a natural extension of those customs.”

The show will also include contemporary holiday décor, incorporating older items into modern day life. “Every preserved piece of silver, linen or trinket tells a story that began long ago and hasn’t ended yet. There are many ways to incorporate small things into a three-dimensional scrapbook that helps us appreciate our past, as we live in the modern world.”

Two lunch events will be held in conjunction with the exhibit. Thursday, Nov. 8 at 12pm features speaker Debbie Speegle from “Two Blondes with Junk In Their Trunk”. Debbie will discuss estate sale planning and what to do with “your stuff” as you downsize. Thursday, Nov. 15 at 12pm, the owner of Consign-It Home Interiors will talk about his upscale resale shop in Toledo, and home decorating trends in the area. Lunches are one hour long and include soups, breads and dessert. Make reservations at

HeART Gallery is located in St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 428 North Erie, in downtown Toledo. Free parking is adjacent to the church, which is handicap accessible. The “What’s In Your Attic?” exhibit runs Nov 15 & 16 from 5-8pm. For information on loaning an attic treasure for the display, contact

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