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Join us for an amazing exhibit of novels where food plays a starring role.

Grouped in categories of fiction, non-fiction,

mystery, kids, international, and culinary classics - each book is paired with a food tasting or tablescape.

Foodies, book lovers, Book Clubs - all will enjoy this combination of flavors and literary tales - sure to whet your appetite. $10pp suggested donation includes wine and beverage choices, plus food grazing of soups, desserts, cheeses and breads. Get you gals together and enjoy some Foodie Fiction!

The Thursday, Oct 17 Lunch & Learn event will include speaker Nancy Pickens, RN with a masters in human nutrition. She will discuss food and longevity, as we sample our Book Lovers treats. Come be inspired to read, cook and eat!


Thursday Oct 17 noon - 8pm

Noon LUNCH & LEARN with guest speaker Nancy Pickens

6-8pm Toledo Art Loop

Food served from noon - 8pm

Nancy Pickens

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