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Thursday, May 16 Lunch & Learn

On Thursday, May 16, we're honoring Mother's Day with an exhibit "Seat At The Table" by HER Hub, as a STEAM program for girls and young women ages 12 to 17. Through classes in carpentry, architecture, and activist art,  HER Hub aims to support and equip a community of fearless youth. Girls Hub provides Young Women participants, known as 'Builders,' a space to build and bring their seats to the table. “A Seat At The Table” program provides opportunities for the builders to use their voices, power tools, and art expression to build their individual chair that represents their personal uniqueness while examining the value of identity, voice, and lived experience in civic spaces. 

The chairs equip HER youth with a blank canvas to communicate new perspectives, question the status quo, speak out about beliefs, and inspire others to take action, where art and activism often share some of the same underlying motivations.  This is a interesting exhibit by future young leaders.

For our Lunch menu - we're inviting friends of HeART Gallery to submit favorite recipes made by their mother.

We'll create a retro buffet filled with delicious memories of childhood. How were you influenced by your mother?

Our interactive mural will give guest an opportunity to reflect of those blessings.

HeART Gallery is located in St Paul's Lutheran Church, 428 N Erie Street, Toledo. There is free parking in the KWIK lot adjacent to the church building which is handicap accessible. Reservations for lunch are appreciated to Suggested donation is $20 payable in cash or check at the door.


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