August 2, 2018

HeART Gallery looks to the future of Toledo’s rich, continuing arts legacy with an exhibition

titled “Emerging Artists”.   A fresh crop of local talent will exhibit pieces in a variety of mediums: ceramic, pen and ink, acrylic and watercolors. “Emerging artists” are not...

June 7, 2018

Jiggling Jell-O molds, two layer cakes and questionable cheese-product casseroles that would flutter the heart of Betty Crocker (if she were a real person), are all part of the mid-century modern dinner buffet at HeART Gallery’s retro-summer party on Thursday, June 21...

April 12, 2018

There’s no better way to celebrate spring than at the HeART Gallery Art and Ingenuityexhibit April 19-21.  More than sixty ingenious ways to display artwork, photos, heirlooms and memorabilia will be exhibited as the Toledo Art Loop opens for another exciting season....

April 2, 2018

Enjoy a Spring Tea with friends at the Parlor in St. Paul's Lutheran Church, downtown Toledo. The three course tea will include homemade scones, cala lily sandwiches, white cheddar quiche, lemon tarts, and an assortment of sweets.  The beautifully appointed Parlor will...

March 29, 2018

Every May, Ohio's Magee Marsh receives dozens of species of warblers as they pass through on their northward migrations. The birds are decked out in their brightest colors for breeding season, and the 10-day Biggest Week in American Birding festival invites tens of tho...

January 9, 2018

This exhibit of shoes and photos tells the moving story of everyday Toledo folks, and their individual journeys. You're invited to see this incredible variety of shoes representing all walks of life from stilettos to work boots to WWII nursing shoes to slippers that wa...

January 3, 2018

CANstruction has been postponed!

While we had many willing volunteers and teams, the logistics and financing for sculptures became difficult.

We are working with Seagate Foodbank and other sponsors to ensure the event will be even bigger and better AND easier for our won...

December 30, 2017

SUNDAY, JAN 21, 2018

Gallery Lunch 12:30

Art Museum Tour  2:00pm

Join with other Toledo Lutherans to see a remarkable collection of 30 masterpieces of Late Roman art objects - precious stones, metals and jewelry. The objects in the exhibition date from the 2nd century B.C...

December 24, 2017

Setting: Paris 1940s. Meet an up-and-coming artist , a cabaret singer, an Aztec chocolate officienado, and Dr. Sigmund Fraud. But wait!  Has there been a murder in the gallery!?  Indulge yourself in this fun exhibit/event, that features a DEATH BY CHOCOLATE murder myst...

November 30, 2017

HeART Gallery was founded as a place to bring people together through the arts by hosting monthly exhibits and activities of interest to those living in the Toledo area.  


St. Paul's Lutheran Church

428 North Erie Street

Toledo, OH 43614

Phone  419.270.3224


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Enjoy our three-course tea in the Parlor. Cost is $25pp. Reservations required.

FEB 14  "PINOT•PASTA•PISTOLS" - an interactive mystery dinner where each table interviews suspects and tries to solve the crime.  Wine tasting, pasta, and dessert bar.

This event sells out - make reservations early!  Price $15pp.

FEB 20  "APRON STRINGS: TIES TO THE PAST".  This noon Lunch & Learn features a display of vintage aprons with entertaining short stories read by members of the legacy writing group Riverside Writers.

MAR 19, 12pm; 6-8pm PIECES & POETRY

Privately owned art pieces accompanied by poetry written by local Honors English students, describing their interpretation of the art through verse.

MAR 22  4pm  BEETHOVEN 250

Honoring the 250thanniversary of the birth of Ludwig von Beethoven, enjoy a concert of instrumental, organ and vocal pieces by one of the world’s most beloved composers. 


A unique 3-dimensional quilt show with  5” x 23” juried  pieces showing only eyes facing forward.  The striking variety in this interpretation keeps viewers engaged, pondering the age, race, sex and story behind each.  Humorous over-sized paper mache heads wearing eyeglasses, accompany the exhibit

MAY 21  4-9pm  Preview noon Lunch & Learn


preview  noon Lunch & Learn;  Market 4-9pm

Savor. Sip. Shop.

A one day market event featuring 30 quality crafters, including Taste of Toledo food vendors with samples and delicious treats for sale. Springtime home and garden decor, handmade jewelry and other organic personal products will be featured.  

JUNE 18    6-8pm TOSSED & FOUND

Drop off your "junk" into collection bins in the gallery. Meet the artists who will recycle, repurpose and reimagine these materials into works of art which will be exhibited on

Sept 17 at the Toledo Art Loop. We hope to bring awareness to the trash we collect everyday and the need to "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle".  Our co=sponsors are Keep Toledo/Lucas County Beautiful Inc.


The gallery hosts Youth Leadership & Service Projects throughout the summer.

SEPTEMBER 17  12pm Lunch & Learn

6-8pm Toledo Art Loop


This exhibit features art made from materials that were recycled, repurposed or reimagined.  Donations of "junk"  were collected in June and artists worked over the summer to create sculptures, paintings and home decor items.  Bottle caps, mops, wood and metal are just a few of the materials used.

OCTOBER 15  12pm Lunch & Learn

6-8pm Art Loop reception

ReNEWal: Art of All Abilities

This exhibit is by people who have found artistic creativity as a way to  transcends their disabilities.

NOVEMBER 19 12pm Lunch & Learn

6-8pm Art Loop 


Nearing Thanksgiving, what gives you peace of mind? Family, books, gardening?  Thoughts are expressed through fabric, in this traveling quilt show en route to the University of Michigan Hospital gallery. 



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