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View a collection of fiber art pieces created by Linda Henke of Indianapolis, IN. Linda is a contemporary designer/artist specializing in the creation of work expressive of spirituality and faith. This exhibit focuses on scripture related to Lenten texts and is accompanied by 3D vessels by other local artist.

A Lunch & Learn event will be held at noon on Thursday, March 21. The exhibit will be on display throughout the month of March during office hours 9am-3pm Monday.

For evening viewing, or to arrange a group visit with tea or wine tasting, contact

A FAITH & ART event will be held at Zoar Lutheran Church on Sunday, March 10 from 5pm-7pm. a must-see, must-experience immersion event showcasing art and scripture through live music, dance, and interactive art.

Guests will gather in the sanctuary at 5:00pm for introductory remarks and then will be asked to remain silent (no speaking!) for 45 minutes, while they explore the four level building. More than 40 things will be happening simultaneously. One might see artists working, enjoy musicians playing, hear a poetry reading, take in a short film, or participate in a corporate art piece. Some areas will be museum-style display, other areas more sensory. Guests are free to roam at their own pace and observe, perhaps participate. The challenge of no speaking – employs the use of other senses to immerse oneself in ways that art might relate to scripture.

Included in the display are works created by Linda Henke of Indianapolis, IN. Ms. Henke is a designer/artist specializing in the creation of work expressive of spirituality and faith. Scripture related to the season of Lent will be shown in three-dimensional and multi-media pieces. Ms. Henke holds academic degrees in journalism and theology with extensive studies in art and surface design, and experience as a parish pastor and published author. Her works have been exhibited around the country in museums and parishes.

At 6:00pm, guests will be directed to the Family Life Center for a family-style meal to discuss what they have seen. The experience will likely be different for each person at the table. Like browsing through Pinterest, this immersive “browsing” event, may spark an idea for including art in the study of scripture and worship at home or in a local congregation. The event is free and open to all. A free-will offering will be taken for dinner.

Reservations can be made through This event is sponsored by the Northwest Ohio Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Following the event, works by Ms. Henke will be on display at HeART Gallery, located in St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, downtown Toledo. A Lunch and Learn event on Thursday, March 21 at noon will include a discussion on her pieces.

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