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The Sound Of Chocolate Sunday, Feb 14 4pm


Following a study at the University of Oxford, HeART Gallery will offer a box of chocolate treats to be eaten along with paired musical selections. “The Sound of Chocolate” is a unique “to-go” box experience based on research conducted by Professor Charles Spence, an experimental food psychologist at Oxford. Research published in the journal Appetite, suggests that the sensation of chocolate creaminess and bitterness can be altered by listening to different musical sounds. As violin, guitar and piano music is live-streamed from HeART Gallery, participants will be instructed when to eat certain chocolates, that have been paired with music. Featured musical group will be the BGSU Guitar Trio and Michael Brown, soloist.

A score card gives each participant an opportunity to rate the level of bitterness or sweetness and how that flavor may change with musical selections. Tasting boxes can be ordered through A box is $30 with generous portions for two, and includes chocolate, cheese and nuts. Orders can be picked up from the church parking lot between 11:30 - 1:30pm on Sunday, Feb. 14.

The live-streamed musical event will be held on Valentine’s Day, Sunday, Feb. 14 at 4pm. To view the concert in-person, contact Kate. Food will not be served and masks must be worn at all times in the building.


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